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The Doctor’s Monsters | Starburst Review

The Doctor's Monsters | Starburst Review

Publishing  a book is a long process. From commissioning, to drafting; to editing, to re-drafting;  to-editing again, to re-drafting again – it is a labour of love, fuelled by late nights and caffeine. Therefore, it is always a great relief when the first review is positive, and with Joel Harley’s review of The Doctor’s Monsters for Starburst Magazine that is happily the case.

The Doctor's MonstersProviding a comprehensive history of over fifty years of Doctor Who monsters, Harley describes The Doctor’s Monsters as ‘delightfully infectious’ , awarding it 8/10. Harley goes on to say:

‘[Sleight’s] passion for the subject matter is evident throughout, his findings insightful and interesting. While some may accuse the book of over-thinking its subject … I would argue that Doctor Who is a series that rewards the thought and exploration that Sleight provides.’

You can read the full review of The Doctor’s Monsters on Starburst’s website, while more information about the book can be found here. Now, eyes peeled for the next one.

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