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Dancing With The Doctor

by Lorna Jowett

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Dancing with the DoctorLorna Jowett delves into the distinctive stories and characters, including the Doctors themselves, their female and male companions, Captain Jack Harkness, Missy, Sarah Jane and her young comrades. She considers the showrunners, directors, producers and writers and the problems this flagship science fiction series has had in offering alternative gender models. Constructions of masculinity, the author function, and how gender intersects with the other facets of identity, race, ethnicity and age, are just some of the areas explored in this accessible and wide-ranging re-view of these hotly debated elements of the successful BBC franchise.



‘Dancing with the Doctor does a wonderful job of teasing out the complex ways in which gender is represented on-screen and how it informs discussion of the series in the press, by fans and by those who work on it. For me this is the real strength of the book; taking seriously the episodes of Doctor Who alongside the other discourses and texts that work alongside and around it.’

– Rebecca Williams, University of South Wales, editor, Torchwood Declassified 

Lorna Jowett is Reader in Television Studies at the University of Northampton. She is co-author with Stacey Abbott of TV Horror: Investigating The Dark Side of the Small Screen, co-editor with Kevin Robinson and David Simmons of Time on TV: Narrative Time, Time Travel & Time Travellers in Popular Television Culture (both I.B. Tauris), and author of Sex and the Slayer: A Gender Studies Primer for the Buffy Fan.

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