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Review: The Rings of Akhaten

One of the distinguishing features of new Doctor Who, in contrast to the classic series, is that at last the show has been afforded the level of budget and production values to match its intellectual ambition.

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Review: The Bells of St John

So here we are – another new series of Doctor Who. Or is it? James Chapman, author of Inside the Tardis, reviews ‘The Bells of Saint John’.

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Annual Treats | Miles Booy

Since Doctor Who’s return in 2005, the special Christmas Day episode has established itself as a major festive treat, but back in the ’70s or ’80s, if you wanted new Doctor Who on Christmas Day, you had to turn to the man with the big sack.

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The Christmas Invasion | Graham Sleight

Graham Sleight investigates how The Sycorax traversed the fine line between magic and the magical in the post-regeneration 2005 Christmas special.

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Torchwood Declassified

It may not officially be part of our Who Watching series, but we are still very excited to announce that this spring we will be publishing a brand new study on Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood.

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The Doctor’s Monsters | Doctor Who Online Review

This we like: ‘Although not an official release from the BBC, Graham Sleight’s The Doctor’s Monsters deserves all the accolade and respect that the aforementioned corporation gets with their own titles.’

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The Doctor’s Monsters | Starburst Review

Publishing a book is a long process. From commissioning, to drafting; to editing, to re-drafting; to-editing again, to re-drafting again – it is a labour of love, fuelled by late nights and caffeine. Therefore, it is always a great relief when the first review is positive.

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Steven Moffat: Challenging the Format Theorem? | Matt Hills

Just so you know, and to avoid any ambiguity, this article ends with this concluding sentence: ‘Yes, Steven Moffat’s work on Doctor Who is becoming ever more repetitive.’

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What is Who Watching?

Why so many books on the Doctor at I.B.Tauris? Why the ongoing Who Watching project? Well, the Doctor is central to contemporary media, and remarkably almost spans the history of television itself.

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The Ice Warriors | Graham Sleight

Although they have not appeared in the series for more than 35 years, the Ice Warriors are one of the most fondly remembered of Doctor Who monsters.

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Millennial Anxieties | James Chapman

The return of Doctor Who in 1996, after a hiatus of over six years was welcomed by aficionados, but was overall met with the sort of response from television critics that is perhaps best described as ‘mixed’.

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The Day of the Doctor

50 Years of Doctor WhoNovember 23rd, 2013

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