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The Doctor’s Monsters

Graham Sleight

£12.99 | Buy via I.B.Tauris

The Doctor's MonstersDoctor Who has been on global television screens for nearly fifty years, and many of its most memorable protagonists have been its monsters, The Daleks, Cybermen, Slitheen, the Sonterans, Ood, Wiirrn, and others. Entertainingly and provocatively written, and introduced by Who scriptwriter Paul Cornell, The Doctor’s Monsters takes a new look at these and many other creatures, and asks what inspired them and what lies behind them. If the Daleks are based on ideas of genetic purity, and the Cybermen on fears of transplant surgery, what about the Autons, the Zarbi, or the Weeping Angels?

Science fiction critic Graham Sleight examines stories from the whole of Doctor Who‘s history to give this unique perspective on the series. Why are we so scared of monsters? Why do they look and act the way they do? How do they reflect the time and place that the series is broadcast in? Along the way, the book provides a history – from an unusual angle – of how this most enduring of TV science fiction series has created and recreated itself. The book also contains a comprehensive glossary of the creatures seen in Doctor Who. It is a must for any fan of the series.

‘I think his analysis makes old stories exciting again, finding new interest even in such oddities as The Borad. The Doctor’s Monsters makes a splendid contribution to academia, pop culture and fan pub debate. I heartily recommend it.’
Paul Cornell
‘Although not an official release from the BBC, Graham Sleight’s The Doctor’s Monsters deserves all the accolade and respect that the aforementioned corporation gets with their own titles.’
Doctor Who Online
‘[Sleight’s] passion for the subject matter is evident throughout, his findings insightful and interesting.’
Graham Sleight, British science fiction writer, editor and critic, was born in 1972 and The Doctor’s Monsters is his first book. It was in part inspired by his grandfather, who designed Daleks for a UK toy firm.
Paperback | 256 pp | 9781848851788 | 216 x 134 mm

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